Free ads chatbot

The free ads websites are boring & have no UX 

Because this websites are using the same template/way 

Their users used an online catalogue to select/discover a product .

Because we are focus on UI , we moved the free ads interface to an instant messaging

Because we are focus on UX, we used a bot to assist the users and give to them an amazing user experience

Test Titkr on your smartphone


We target Y & Z generation who sell and buy second hand products on free ads websites ( Craiglist, Le Bon coin ...) and which use every day Facebook Messenger to communicate

That make us different is our chatbot :

the combination of AI and natural language analysis will allow consumers to talk to the bot as they would with friends to buy or sell second hand products with each other

Our business model :

Facebook Messenger now allows payments in its chat bots. Then we will take a percentage per purchase

We distribute it 

on Facebook Messenger who have more than 1 billion users. 

On chatbot stores ( Botlist ) 

Roadmap :

- Build a prototype

September 2016

- Seed Capital

( to build the Beta Version and reach first users )

- Launch Beta Version

January 2017

- Launch First Version 

March 2017



Vamara Savane : 

Co-founder and CTO @Titkr / Freelance, Sismo Design, Technet

Georgia Institute of Technology

Rodrigue Etifier  : 

Co-founder and CEO @Titkr / Co-founder @Sweetin

Joined the Founder Institute Paris 

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