Cherokee and the Huron Creation Stories

         Aidan Cunningham

         Cp English 2

         Compare and Contrast essay

Cherokee Creation Story Summary

The earth started as water and hung from the sky, where the animals lived.It was dark and they couldn't see down below, so they asked there creator for help.So the creator had the sun across Earth, east to west every day. Once the they could see they saw no land, so they sent Dayuni'si the water beetle to go find land.When he swam down it was all mud; it started to grow and turn into land.Once the animals could see below they didn't know if they could live on the land.So they sent a bird to see if it was dry, it wasn’t so the buzzard from Galun'lati prepared the land for them.

  When he reach the ground he was tired and his wings hit the ground making mountains and valleys.When the land was finally done the animals left, but before they left the creator told them to stay awake for seven days.Most the animals failed the task except for owls and panthers, so they received the power to roam around in the dark.After a while with the sun, the animals, and the plants people started to come and over populate the land, so after taking some it was decided to slow the growth.So each woman could only have one child a year. It has been that way ever since.

Huron Creation Stroy Summary

In the beginning there was water and animals.Then a woman fell from a place in the sky, she was caught by loons flying over and saw her falling.As the loons held her they cried for help to save her.The animals thought she needed land to live on so they dove down and grabbed some Earth, only the toad was able to.Once she had some mud she spread it on the turtle's back and made Earth. Time passed and the woman had two boys, one was good and one was bad.The good one was born normally, but the bad one was born through the side her then she died.

 When her 2 sons grew up they prepared Earth for the humans. The good brother made useful things, and the bad brother made harmful things. One day the good brother saw a partridge flying towards his brothers land for water, but he couldn’t believe that, so he followed the bird into his brother's land. When they entered they saw animals. He cut open the toad and made all the animals smaller. After a while they knew they couldn't share the land so they fought a fierce battle. In the end the good twin took the bad twins life. To this day Huron people believe when they die their spirits go far west to dwell for all time. When she was buried plants grew near her grave.


  • Both began in as only water.

  • They both have creators that have made/help there creatures.

  • They had at least one animal/human die.


  • Cherokee's Earth hangs from cords in the sky.

  • Huron's Earth is on a turtle's back

  • Huron's Animals were made for 2 brother.

  • Cherokee's animals lived in the sky till Earth was livable.


For the Cherokee and Huron Tribes these stories were used to tell each other how there Earth was created, and how the animals and them selves were put on Earth.

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