Digitization and Cell Phones

Digital Footprints

Cell phones are a digital footprint factory:

-Location services record where we have been and can be used to predict where we will go

-Apps store and cache information whether it be a game or a social media website

-Text messaging services such as iMessage use the internet to send information to many other users leaving one of your footprints on their device

Timeless Time

Timeless Time

-Text messaging epitomizes timeless time. Cell phones allow the user to respond to a message in ten seconds or ten days if need be.

-The ability for the cell phone to double as a camera has allowed people to store photos for weeks before posting them on social media websites, or sending them via their instant messaging service.

The Death of Distance 

-Cell phones have allowed us to communicate with another person face to face from across the world in real time

-Voice calls, and text messaging services have also connected the globe allowing for a person to speak to any other person on the planet who has access to a telephone


             A few examples:

-Conference Calls: allow the user to speak openly with many other users

-Group Texts: allow many people to communicate with each other via text messaging

-Multiple "phone lines": allow the user to have two separate voice calls at one time

-Text Messages: allow the user to communicate one on one with as many people as he or she wishes   

Network  Externalities

Try to text someone with a landline or face time with someone who has a bag phone, most likely it wont work. 

The more people there are with cell phones, the more service coverage is needed which promotes more cell phone users. 

More cell phones equals more messaging services, more games, and more societal value.

Economies of Scale

As cell phones have evolved over the decades, more better able to meet the users wants and needs, the price per phone has fallen drastically. As more people buy phones, the cost to produce another one goes down.

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Effects of Digitization

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