My top 4 Artists

By: Aden Fish

The Artists Names.

Denzel curry,Keven gates,Eminem,Drake 


 Denzil curry

Denzil curry was born February,16,1995 from carol city,Florida he lived there for 19 years.He wrote poetry in elementary school.In sixth grade he started raping.One of his albums was released on march,9,2016.

 Kevin gates

Kevin Gates was born February,5,1986 he is sighed  to Atlantic records along with his own record label Bread winners association.all his records hit the top 40 on the 200 billboard chart.


Eminem was born october,17,1972 in Detroit,Michigan. Eminem was the best seller in the 2000s in the United States Rolling stone ranked him 83 one the top 100 artists. He has sold more than 172 million albums making him one of the best selling artists.


Drake was born October,24,1986 in Toronto he was born and raised there.Drake released seven independent  albums before sighing lil waynes young money entertainment in June 2009 all the albums hit the u.s. billboard top 100. 


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