Shaka Zulu

A illustration of Shaka Zulu. Drawn in 1824. 

Who is Shaka Zulu?

Shaka Zulu was an African chief of the Zulu tribe. He was born in south-east Asia in an area where there were many different tribes. Shaka was the son of Senzangakhona, a ruler of the small kingdom of Zulu.  

A spear that Shaka Zulu would have used. It is called an Assegai. 

How did Shaka Zulu Rise to Power?

As Shaka grew older he grew to be tall and strong. At about the age of 23 he was drafted into the military. Shaka was such a good soldier that he quickly rose up the ranks of the military and became one of the armies foremost commanders. Once his father died Shaka's older brother became king. With the help of military leaders Shaka assassinated his older brother and became the king of the Zulu territory. 

Territory of Zululand 1878.

How Did Shaka Expand His Empire?

Once Shaka was king he created a very well trained army. This army became the most powerful army in all of southeast Africa. This army allowed Shaka to conquer many different areas of southeast Africa. This led to the Zulu empire becoming very large and powerful. 

Shaka's Army

Shaka is Murdered

After Shaka's mother died, Shaka went insane. He ordered thousands of people to be executed including pregnant women and their husbands. He also outlawed the use of milk and planting crops for a year. This caused people to believe that Shaka was going to destroy the Zulu tribe. He was murdered by two of his half-brothers on September 22, 1828. 

My Reaction

I think Shaka was a great military leader. He helped expand his empire and conquered lots of other lands. But I think he was a bad person. He didn't care about anyone else and only cared about expanding his empire. 


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Chapter 11-Shaka Zulu

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