Equestrian in New Zealand

Equestrian is a sport that involves a horse. You ride on its back and race. The award winning gold Olympic mentalist are Sophie Wells and Sophie Christiansen.


In Equestrian for equipment you need a horse , a saddle that goes on a horses back, and gear for the rider. Such as a helmet, boots, a whip, and a suit.

Equestrian was invented in 1951.

In Equestrian it doesn't really mater on how many players. People just have to sign up. But when they are in the field they have to go one at a time.

The length of the game doesn't mater because it depends on how many people enter in the game.

For scoring they get points for making it over the hurdles and how well the horse does with walking,trotting, and running.

There isn't a field dimension because there are different courses.

The basic thing to do in Equestrian is to do the jumps.

The leagues are mostly older people and some younger kids.

Yes, the sport has changed. Back then they had different rules. Now they have more activity's .

How the Game is played

Equestrian is a very simple sport. All you have to do is ride a horse around a field and make a horse jump over hurdles.

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