Lacrosse in China.

 Lacrosse was created by native Americans in the western woodlands. And it was considered  tribal tradition. it was entertaining and fun for like a community effort.

The sport involves 10  players on the field at once on both-sides and the goals are when you carry the ball in your stick which has net and you throw it at the net which is the net in soccer. The game usually lasts between 45 minutes to an hour.

The basic generalization of the game is there are three forwards and two defensive-men `and one goalie there is about three goals per game by each player 

The field dimensions of the game is a square a rectangle a big box and lines to show where you start the play. the basic tactics of the game is to score as many points as possible to beat the other team.

One of the rules is there is no crosschecking, slashing, unsportsmanlike  conduct , and body checking which is serious in case of the game. The type of equipment that would be used would be shoulder pads, helmet, gloves and stick and would mainly would be for protection. 

Some major leagues  in the the sport of lacrosse is the MLL and the CLL are leagues in lacrosse though are some more minor leagues in the sport. including us men's lacrosse. The sport manly  stayed the same except for the equipment that is being obviously  better and improved overtime it's safety features have changed.


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