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  1. Promote your neighbor
  2. Return the favor
  3. Keep the taxes here
  4. Be a resource 
  5. Engage with other pages
  6. Give the chamber a heads up
  7. Email a link to Jeff at chamber


How to take a quality photo

  1. Work on positioning objects into 1/3rds
  2. Getting on the same level as the object you’re photographing
  3. Depending on what you’re using (we’ll talk about phones since that’s what most people use to take their photos) tap the screen at different points on the screen to adjust exposure and lighting
  4. Tap the object you’re photos to focus on that object


  • Hashtags help to reinforce your brand identity
  • Makes it easier to find fan photos, comments, etc.
  • Use on Twitter and Instagram
  • For Facebook, use when needing or wanting to reinforce brand identity

Use Facebook’s Pages Manager

Provides insights, boosting capability, etc.

Allows you to “reply” to comments or posts, and to write back to the privately sent messages.



Do’s and Don’ts

Do's and Don'ts

  • Do engage with your followers. 

  • Do be cheeky and have fun when engaging
  • Do post regularly
  • Do include your customers
  • Do give appropriate credit when you share photos that are not yours

  • Don’t ignore people’s messages, questions, comments
  • Don’t let a profile go inactive. If you don’t want to operate it delete it
  • Don’t just post about sales and promotions

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