From Snail Mail Billing to Online Billing

By Amarita Singh 

Snail Mail

The term "snail mail" was first coined around 1942. It is used to describe the letters and packages carried by the postal delivery service. Today, snail mail has transitioned to a digital format, e-Mail. 

More recently, many have seen that most companies have some form of online billing. This allows you to pay bills online and no longer having to pay through mail. You are now allowed the option to go paperless and help the environment. 

This example encompasses many different digitalization

characteristics. Most specifically it includes timeless time, death of distance, and algorithmification. 

Death of Distance

Being able to pay bills online allows for the characteristic death of distance. It no longer matters where you are in the world because you can pay your bills instantly with a click of a button. This allows for the company to save money on paper and postage stamps if you opt to pay bills online. I believe that this affects the costumer and company in a positive way because you no longer have to send bills early to make sure that they are received on time. Costumers can pay you right away with little to no cost to the company. 

Timeless Time 

Another characteristics is timeless time. You can now pay your bills in the comfort of your own home at whatever time you wish. Using snail mail, one would wait for the bill to come and have to send it back a couple days early to make sure the company received the payment on time, but now you can pay the last day and the payment will process within a couple seconds! This avoids any angry costumers and you don't run the risk of sending the bill to the wrong place. 


This is another characteristics that is evident in the use of online billing. 

Since 2009, electronic bill payments have been on the rise. However, with the rise electronic payments comes the decline of mailmen. 

This task of mailing out bills was once done by humans, but it is now getting taking over my machines. The more and more people choose online billing, the less people are needed in the postal office. 

If you haven't already, choose to pay your bills online! Help save the environment. :) 

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