Visual Communication (Face to Face) 

By - Michael Yepez 

CMN 170 - Week 5/6

Visual Face to Face Communication 

Video Chat has become a very popular form of communication with in the digital age. Video chat applications include Skype, Face Time, Tango, ooVoo, and many more have made it possible for real time face to face communication. 

How does Video Chat fit into the Characteristics of Digitalization? 

1. Digital Footpring

  • Profile Creation 
    • In order to use most of these services, you are going to have to create a profile. This profile will help keep track of  all the activity you do with this provider. 
  • All information is Physical 
    • remember that all information on the internet is available and physical and can create a physical trace. 
  • Forever 
    • Although you might switch providers or delete your account it is important to note that this information can still be obtain. 
  • Terms and Agreements 
    • make sure you always read the terms and agreements when signing up for an account. You should know what you are getting yourself into,

2. Exposure Effect

  • This has to do a lot with your digital footprint. 
  • By providing a lot of privative information on the internet, many people will try and take this information for there own purposes. Yes there are "bad" people out there. 
  • Although you might not be video chatting with a certain individual anymore, it is very possible that this person can obtain your information that you used to set up your account. Remember all information is available and physical. 
  • Be Careful!!!

3. Death of Distance 

Refers to the face that distance is no longer a barrier when communicating with people. Before in order to communicate with someone you had to be face to face or maybe a telephone or postcard. But there is nothing like actually talking to someone in person and seeing there expressions. You can now be across the world and still have that in person communication through video chat. Because of New Technology many people are now able to stay in communication with there love ones. 

4. Poly Directional 

  • Video chat allows users to communicate from one person to another using a camera. 
  • Video chat providers (Such as google) allow users to communicate with many others at one time. 
    • google hangout allows you to set up a session where you can communicate with many people at a given time (See picture to the right) 
  • This also works the other way. A user can receive an Invitation from many people interested in them becoming part of there own session. From many to one. 


Although video chat has mad it possible to stay in communication with one another, we must protect ourselves and be cautious when using technology. Remember everything leaves a physical trace and can be track. 

Thank You!

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Video Chat

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