Seventh planet from the sun it has the third largest planetary mass in the solar system.

:named after the father of the roman god saturn,third planet from the gas giants.only planet in the solar system that takes its name from greek mythology.

Uranus was officially discovered by sir williams hershel in 1781.

Uranus turns on its axis once every 17 hours,14 minutes.

Urans makes one trip around the sun evry 84 earth years.

Uranus is often reffered to as an "ice giant"planet.

Uranus hits the coldest tempatures of any planet.

Uranus has two setsof veryhin dark coloured rings.

Uranus'moons are named after characters created by williams shakespear ans alexander pope.

Only pne spacecraft has flown by uranus.

Discovery date:March 13th 1781

Tempature in uranus:-216 degress celcius

Equatorial diameter:51,118 km

Orbit period:30,687 days


Orbit distance:2,870,658,186 km(19.19 AU)


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