June 10th, 2016

#1 Product oriented


Written task

Identify a trend that’s interesting to preschool parents and create an engaging article around this. The article should be created for online publication and should not exceed 700 words.

Interview task

Come prepared to present the insight behind the article you have already created and explain how you would amplify the content to preschool parents across paid, owned and earned channels. You have £10,000 to create and amplify content.

Preschool Target

Parents of toddlers and preschool kids: 30/40 years old

Key ideas: nostalgia, adventure, sharing with their kids

Social networks: Instagram, Pinterest, where image is key


Increase Brand Awareness

Create Brand Preference from a Very Young Age

Generate visits on Blog and Eshop

Increase Conversion Rate

Product Choice

The Jungle Set

Lego Brand Values

Imagination // Creativity // Fun // Learning // Care

Welcome To The Jungle! We've got fun and games!

Use the Duplo Jungle set to teach animal diversity and nature protection to kids, as well as to create shareable content endorsing family.

First Phase: Welcome To The Jungle!

Warm days are coming up, with the age-old question from the little ones: "What are we going to dooooooo today?" Well, that's a good one, right? Why not try the zoo? 

Even at the youngest age, getting to know the world that surrounds them is good for every kid. It triggers their curiosity, shows them how animals are cared for, and let's admit, it's a fun place to learn new things.

Paragraph #1 will how animals cohabitate, how the adults care for the babies and which environment they live in. Always suggesting parents illustrate their words with the Lego toys.

Paragraph #2 will explain how parents will be able to follow a family's trip to Kenya to discover wild animals and their natural habitat.

Content Amplification - 1st Phase

  • Sponsored Facebook posts, targeted to parents with preschoolers & toddlers. Tracked linked to online shop and blog.

  • Promotion of the product by an influencer/Mom Blog. (ex:

  • CRM campaign, targeted to parents with preschoolers & toddlers.

Second Phase: Welcome To The Jungle!

  • Send an influencer/mom blogger to Kenya with her family to actually meet the animals from the set. Have her take pics/videos of the trip, with Lego set & kids looking at real-life animals.

  • Live pics on her Instagram (Snapchat?) channel with a specific hashtag (#LegoJungle, #LegoSafari).

Content Amplification - 2nd Phase

  • Sponsored Pinterest pins of the trip photos/trip + Lego products, targeted to parents with preschoolers & toddlers. Tracked pins to online shop and blog.

  • Article on the blogger's website promoted on Lego social media channels and hers.

  • Exclusive video shared on Lego channels.


Sponsored Posts






KPIs to Follow

Email Open & Click Rates

Social Media Reach & Engagement

Blog Post Visits

#2 Trend oriented

On The Road with your Kids this Summer? We have some tips.

Tips for calming them down

Tips for teaching them things on the way

New games (here speak about lego)

Get Your Kids to DIY too! Things to take on holiday!

Help them pack their bags with DIY objects: phone, crab, fish, car...

Promote Lego apps

Colouring sheets

Baby On Board? Prepare some gifts for baby #2 with the Big Brother or Sister!

Explain change when #2 is coming

Create special objects

Cook with mum: DIY FOOD

Remake what mum is cooking through legos

Challenges for your kids

10 minutes of peace, give your kids challenges!

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Lego - Welcome To The Jungle

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