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Nile Kinnick is one of the best college football players to play in a collegiate football game. Even though he was a great athlete, he was an even better person.

Nile Kinnick was a collegiate icon back in the late 1930s'.

Bill Cunningham of the Boston Post wrote, "This country's okay as long as it produces Nile Kinnicks. The football part is incidental."


Nile Kinnick was born in Adele, Iowa on July 9th, 1918. Kinnick's uncle was governor of Iowa from 1912-1916. During high school Kinnick's family moved to Omaha, Nebraska because his father got a job there. Later on Adele Named their high school after Nile Kinnick, after college Iowa named there stadium after him.

College recruiting

After high school Kinnick was recruited to go play for the Minnesota Golden Gophers, but

the problem was they were a collegiate powerhouse at that time. He tried out for them and they said he was too small and slow.

Kinnick was always one to help others, so he decided to go to a struggling Iowa Hawkeyes.

In his freshman year, Kinnick played football and basketball for Iowa's freshman team.

In his junior year he was playing with an ankle injury that was believed to be a broken ankle. He never received treatment because he didn't believe in that stuff.

1939 Season

1939 was Kinnick's breakout season.

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Nile Kinnick

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