Picture taken by the hubble telescope

Neptunes climate

Neptune has the wildest and strangest weather in the entire Solar System. It has huge storms with extremely high winds. 

Neptune has an average temperature of -353 Fahrenheit (-214 Celsius).


Neptune is the eighth and farthest known planet from the sun in the solar system neptune is 17 times the mass of Earth it is named after the Roman God of the sea 

Neptune comaperd to earth

Neptune is -218 degrees celsius neptunes mass is 1.0243 x 10 28 kg and earths is 17.147 kg


The atmosphere of Neptune is similar to all the large planets in the Solar System; it mostly consists of hydrogen and helium, with trace amounts of methane, water, ammonia and other ices. But unlike the other gas planets in the Solar System, Neptune's atmosphere has a larger proportion of the ices.


Neptune has 13 moons, Triton, Nereid, Naiad, Thalassa, Despina, Larissa, Proteus, and Galatea, plus five smaller, unnamed moons. Triton and Proteus orbit close to Neptune; Nereid is in a distant orbit. 

Pictures of neptunes moons and phases

I choose this planet cause i like the color blue and i thought it would be cool to reasearch and learn about it

How long it takes to orbit the sun

Neptune revolves or orbits around the sun once every 164.79 Earth years, or once every 60,190 Earth days. Neptune travels at an average speed of 12,253 miles per hour or 19,720 kilometers per hour in its orbit around the sun.

The size of neptune compared to earth

Neptune has an average diameter of 30,598 miles, which is approximately almost four times Earth's diameter. In terms of mass, Neptune weighs approximately 102 trillion trillion kilograms, making it 17 times heavier than Earth


VOYAGER 2 has visited neptune in Augest 25, 1989 ot found out that neptune also has amsecond storm called the small dark spot.

How long it takes neptune to rotate

It takes neptune 15 hours and 57 minutes to rotate once



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