Equestrian in New Zealand

Equestrian first appeared in the Olympics around 1900's in Paris, France.  The sport consists of a few general rules. For example, the horse must be at least nine years old to be entered in Show Jumping. When the bells give a signal, the horses must go through and complete obstacles in their way. Which ever horse and rider finishes with the least amount of time and less mistakes, win. The sport was founded in NZ around 1950.

While the sport is being 'played' there is many different categories within the general sport itself. For Show Jumping, no set number of competitors and horses. Usually there is one at a time, then the next goes.  Whenever the horses and competitors finish, is when that part of the category is finished, then they move onto the next event. 

During an event, scoring all depends on which category is going on. For Show Jumping, which ever competitor and horse finish first and have the least amount of mistakes are crowned first place.  The arena dimensions are approximately 60x100 foot arena. That is was is recommended for horse shows.  

There are certain tactics to the sport. For example, what kind of horse, what their diet is, their horse shoes if they wear them, whatever it takes to be on top.  The number one show jumping breed is the Charisma. The Charisma was rode by a New Zealander and came out on top multiple times. He stood 14.3 hands and won several medals. It is healthy for a horse to graze 10-12 hours a day and drink a lot of water throughout the day.

During the event, many penalties and fouls occur. One is if an obstacle is knocked over. Another is disobedience, falling of the rider, falling of horse, exceeding the time allowed, and jumping a obstacle in the wrong order. 

Equipment is needed for Show Jumping. Such as, bit, bridle, trousers, blinkers, saddle, spur, riding boots, a whip is optional along with horse shoes. There are amateur, professional, Olympic, also just for fun. You can either earn a bronze or silver. 

The sport has become very popular in New Zealand and all around the world. Before, it was new and just starting. Now it is commonly known and found all around New Zealand. Changes over the past years have been major, as the sport adjusted to the new climate of central funding through the Sports Foundation and Hillary Commission and gained more and more commercial sponsorship. 


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