Baseball India

 The Amateur Baseball Federation of India was in 1983. for rules you need, 3-6 players are able to play. Unlike normal baseball you can play it in a open area, you do not need to have a baseball diamond field. The youngest of the group will bat first, choose a pitcher all you need is someone to get the ball over the plate there are no called balls or strikes. only thee batter and the pitcher have positions every one else has to scatter. The players have to catch the ball when it is in the air or off the first bounce. If the ball rolls on the ground a player has to pick it up, the batter leaves the bat and runs, then the player must roll the ball at the bat and if successful they are up to bat next to bat,this is unsuccessful the batter continues his turn. 

More facts about baseball in india

A game in India can take 2 hours,or 53 minutes. But, the main amount is 3 hours or 30 minutes. Baseball in India is played in a any sized area from a street or side yard to a regular baseball field. A ball that is hit into the outfield behind a player in the outfield would pick up the ball and is put to a stop is considered one point. A ground ball that is in front of a player in the outfielder but is not picked up in time is two points. Same as before but if its behind a player in the outfield is three points.A fly ball that goes behind a player without being touched and is not picked up in time is a home run or four points.

equipment fouls and tactics of baseball in India 

Equipment:gloves, bats, protective gear, batting gloves, baseballs, bags, cleats, nets, training aids, services, bases, accessories, and Pitching Machines. in between home base, first base , and/or third base. over the boundary near first base, or third base is a foul ball. If it falls past first or third base it is a foul. If it is on foul territory or past it touching a object or person is a foul ball.     

last information on baseball in india

The leagues in baseball in India were made in 2006. they have not changed baseball in india.

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