Get ready! Because you are about to learn so much about Rugby in France! What is Rugby you ask? A sport! What kind of sport? Well get ready to begin your adventure!

Okay so first of all lets start with what kind of sport Rugby is.  Rugby is football and soccer mixed together. 

Rugby was originated in England in 1823. In England there was a school called Rugby School. They were playing football when a guy named William Webb Ellis grabbed the ball and ran to the opponents goal with the ball. Inventing Rugby. 

Next thing I'm going to share with you. How to play Rugby. Rugby consists of two teams, each team has 15 players. The players can carry pass or kick the ball. There are two halves of Rugby each half consisting of 40 minutes. 

How they do their scoring in Rugby:

-the try is worth 5 points

-the conversation goal is worth 2 points

-the penalty goal is worth 3 points

-the drop goal is also 3 points

Rugby is played on a field that is 112-122 by 68 meters.  The long boundary lines are touch lines. But the shorter boundary lines are dead ball lines. 

A player can get a foul by

-eye gouging

-low blowing


and basic things like that

The players have to use equipment in Rugby. They have mouth guards, upper body protection, Rugby shirts, shorts and traditional boots. But other than that Rugby is basically just a simple game. 

Next thing that you should know about Rugby are the type of leagues. The two main types of leagues of Rugby are Rugby league and Rugby union. 

Last question of all. How has Rugby changed since it's origination? Well let me tell you. The adoption of GPS, the players are getting bigger, also they are getting younger, the introduction of the game, injuries are taken more seriously. Also the uniforms fit tighter. 

Here is a quick video about Rugby. It is the France team vs. the England team. Enjoy!

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Rugby in France

by 22jachambers


Public - 4/11/16, 2:36 PM