My Theories on Edgar Allan Poe

By Steven Garcia 

Period: 3


  •  In the article that states his biography, it states that his life was always a horrible roller coaster. 
  • Poe traveled to many places such as Richmond, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and back. 
  • Many people has died of Tuberculosis, the people were his mother, foster mother and father, and cousin/wife.
  • After all this, he eventually took the wrong train and ended un outside the Gunner Hall.
  • But was founded by a man named Joseph W. Walker.


Timeline of Edgar Allan Poe

  • September 27, 1849- Poe left Richmond to New York 
  • September 28- poe arrived in baltimore, he went to new york and philadelphia
  • September 30- Poe left to go to New York but supposely took the wrong train back to Baltimore
  • October 1st & 2nd- Poe's whereabouts and actions are uncertain

Continuation of Timeline on Edgar Allan Poe

  • October 3rd- Poe was found at Gunner's Hall and was taken to a hospital; he lapsed in and out of consciousness.
  • October 7th 1849- Edgar Allan Poe Died IN A Hospital
  • October 11th- Baltimore cousin Neilson Poe wrote to Mana Clemm about his death.

Mystery Surrounding Edgar Poe's Death

  • Poe was left with no death certificate, and nothing filled or has been reported.
  • The author of "How did Edgar Allan Poe die?", Sarah Puritt describes his death as a ''cognestion of the brain'' and how it was also described as a alcohol poisoning.
  • And later on the article states"historians and biographers have suggested alternative cause of death ranging from lesions on the brain, epilepsy, and tuberculosis to cholera, syphilis and even rabies."

Introduction to My Theories

  1. First theory is cooping-is when a gang group kidnaps then drug you and make you vote for a specific candadite.
  • so the author of "How did Edgar Allan die?", Sarah Puritt stated that he must of died of a method similar or maybe this.

Second Theory

2. rabies- author of this method believed that he was bitten by his cat Catterina, but showed no signs of this.

  • Article published in the New York Times, Dr. Benitez a Cardiologist says that with many autopsies and tests he had rabies.
  • he states that it takes up to a year to find out the true symptoms that occur
  • he also explains that he refused alcohol but had difficulty swallowing water

Third Theory

3. Brain Tumor- theory behind this states that he had an infected disease that inquired his brain and caused many sick side effects.

  • In many articles researchers state that he did not have this because his brain was still intacted till this day
  • later on realizing it wasn't his brain it was someone elses

What I believe is responsible for the death of Edgar Poe?

  • The main theory I believe that killed Edgar Poem is the cooping theory.
  1. Cooping is a gang method that kidnaps people and disguise that with multiple disguised identities/different clothes each time.
  • "victims would be kidnapped, disguised and forced to vote for a specific candadite multiple disguised identities."

Continue My Reasons

2. Poe was founded by Joseph W. Walker and taken to a hospital but soon later realizing that a Poe didn't have his normal clothes on.

  • "he and Poe were habbed by a gang of men who cooped them up in the rear of an engine stopped on Calvert St. The thirty-one different places, after 2-3 stops, Poe was to drugged to drag so they put him in a cab to a hospital."

Continue My Reasons

3. Poe had a friend and eyewitness that saw the account of Poe's cooping. It was when that eyewitness left a bar on that street next to Gunner's Hall.

  • "Described as a "former President of Baltimore now living in San Francisco ''the man told the reporters he known Poe for years and was, along with several other acquaintances."
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