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1. How is the community responding to school closing and budget cuts in Richmond City Schools? 

Support Richmond City Public Schools

Poverty and School Funding: Why low income students often  suffer

"Children living in poverty often come to school without having had enough sleep, and without having had breakfast. They often experience family violence, abuse, secondhand smoke, neglect, poor clothing and shoes... This is the frightening reality for millions of children, and teachers are very likely to have impoverished students in their class. But, without the necessary resources to address these concerns, little improvement will be seen."

Funding for schools in impoverished areas is important because these students have a higher need for more resources to help them succeed in school. Without these resources and programs, it is unlikely to see a rise in graduation rates or a closing of the achievement gap. 

Low Income Areas in Richmond City

There are 26 elementary schools in Richmond City

- 22 of which are located in impoverished area

There are 8 middle schools in Richmond City

- One of which is located in an impoverished area

There are 5 high schools in Richmond City

- 4 of which are located in impoverished areas

*not including specialty schools

Mary Munford Elementary: 3rd Grade SOL Scores

Woodville Elementary: 3rd Grade SOL Scores

Mary Munford: Location

Woodville: Location

Facts From VEA Research

"On statewide 3rd grade reading tests in 2010-2011, 90% of students who were not economically disadvantaged passed, compared with 74% of the disadvantaged students"

"The Commonwealth of Virginia defines economically disadvantaged students as those who are in need of free or reduced lunch programs, Medicaid or Temporary Aid for Needy Families, and those who are homeless or migrants."

Funding for Richmond City Schools

In March, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones presented a budget that only included $5 million of the $18 million requested to fix aging school buildings and address safety and health concerns. The new budget offered no increase in funding for schools.

Community Response

Support RPS

Community Partners

Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation, Inc.

"Established in 2001, the Richmond Public Schools Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that partners with Richmond Public Schools to improve student learning and achievement in preparation for success in college, career, and community." 

The overall goal of the Foundation is to help Richmond Public Schools boost student retention, increase on time graduation rates, and support college and career readiness.

What can be done?

Sharing stories, education

Press elected officials to make economic justice issues a top priority - issues such as fair and affordable housing, a living wage, readily accessible healthcare, and human healthcare.

Work with adult literacy programs

Volunteer in programs that reach out to community needs

Donate to various non-profits that help the cause

Sign petitions, participate in protests and rallies

Make a speech at a City Hall meeting

Works Cited (Education Week)

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Neighborhood Research

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