The Vibe on AKA will be a new music show hosted in a round table format.

The show will feature a host (taken from WR Station) with a selection of guests each week, discussing the latest and hottest music of the minute whilst sat around a table.


The show would feature an international selection of R&B, Rap and Hip-Hop music with flavours of Grime as well.

Music will be showcased from territories such as Canada, USA and the UK.

When presenters introduce songs, the music videos for those tracks will play.


Guests would include journalists/contributors to R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap/Grime outlets, as well as artists.

The show would potentially be hosted by Nicolas-Tyrell Scott, a charismatic and insightful W!ZARD Radio Station presenter who lives and breathes this music...


The set would be simplistic, inspired by Pharrell's OTHERtone show on Beats1. A brick/wooden background, with a table. Laptop on the table, a plant pot, microphones on display - a radio show being filmed.

The show would be filmed with one-camera, but just as with OTHERtone it would not always be a still shot. The camera would move as the audience's interest shifts from person-to-person.

An example of the camera movement is visible in the video on the right.

Alternatively, a two-camera set-up could be used to show different angles.


The show would also be broadcasted audio-only on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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The Vibe on AKA

by jamesgilmore


Public - 8/4/16, 10:49 AM