Youtube - How three of its characteristics tell the story of how we are in the digital revolution

Youtube was created in 2005 by three formal PayPal employees. It currently stands as the #2 website in the world.

In the next few slides I'm going to explain 3 of its most prominent characteristics of digitalization.

#1 Digital Footprint

Once a video is uploaded to YouTube, it is available to the world. Anyone can download it (yes there are tools to do that), any website can "cache" it. It's on some hard drive somewhere. This isn't always a bad thing. People can use the "digital footprint" characteristic of YouTube to go back and watch video of themselves or friends from many years ago. Others upload videos of their kids so that one day their kids can go back and watch themselves. Here's a time-lapse of someone's kid growing up until 14 years old.

#2 Death of Distance

Almost anyone in the world can watch a YouTube video. YouTube allows content creators to stream video. Here's a 24/7 live stream of CNN. There is no concept of "distance" from the content creator on YouTube. Whether you are down the street or across the globe, there is no difference, just login and start watching.

#3 Economies of Scale

YouTube makes billions of dollars from ad revenue. With YouTube's tools, all an ad agency has to do is tell YouTube how much money they want to spend and who they want to show their ads to. An advertiser can instantly reach billions of viewers. Or, for smaller agencies, they can target just the people in their demographic. This is where the "scale" of "Economies of scale" comes in. Where does all this money go? Well, some ends up in the pockets of the content creators. Check out this video showing how to make money on YouTube.

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