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Social Media: A new language?

-Social media allows us to communicate with a much larger number of people

-Result: ever-increasing speed of communication

        -Communicate quickly, effectively, efficiently

        -Written exchanges are concise

-A whole host of words originating from social media/Internet



        -Friended/ Unfriended

(English Live blog by Wil, " Has Social Media  Changed the Way We Speak and Write English?"


-Tweets : messages

-Tweeple : people signed up to get tweets, "followers"

-Twittersphere : the world of Twitter

-Tworkers : people whose jobs involve using Twitter

-Twoosh : message that fills 140 characters exactly

-Twitterhea: Twittering too much

(Zimmer, "The Language of Social Media: 'Unlike' Any Other")

Video & Questions

Would you consider social media communication its own unique language? Why or why not?

If yes, do you think social media language will become implemented into education in the future? Will it become a language taught in class?

An important characteristic of this new language is that it keeps up with current trends, and new words emerge every so often, while old words related to unused media (think MySpace) become a bit archaic

Apart from contributing to an ever-changing vocabulary database, social media is also changing other aspects of our language, for example semantics. 

(Baheri, "Your Ability to Can Even: A Defense of Internet Linguistics")

Is social media 'dumbing-down' language?

What are your opinions?

Do you believe slang and shorthands are diminishing language? Do you believe texting/social media is a culprit for an increase in a lack of communication/social skills when people are face to face?

Or would you say it is a creative form of expressing and conveying an individual's emotions?

What is the purpose of social media?

This image depicts functional categories along a continuum related to different levels of intimacy conveyed. Texting & social media is meant to maintain relationships

(Thurlow, 2001)

New Terminology/ Stylized Texting

-New terminology that has recently been immersed in our culture offers a certain 'style' of texting

-It allows a wide range of emotions to be conveyed through forms of social media.

-The new 'words' offer a new type of social media culture. It allows for unification amongst people who use

Most people use certain terms in order to conform to latest trends

In the screenshots, the language used is humorous and playful. This particular language is used in order to convey that the event is meant to be fun and the writers want everyone to have a good time. 

If we look closely at the first conversation, we can see that the writer actually used these terms as a playful method to convey a serious message towards the end of the event description-

-Reminding people that there will be drinking involved, but for everyone to be responsible. Wants everyone to be safe.

-Reminding everyone that alcohol is costly and that in previous years, the hosts had to spend their own money for other people

-Reminding everyone that all of the invitees are college students so most people are on a tight budget.


Overall, social media serves many functions. It creates a culture in which people come up with new terminology in order to describe certain, common everyday occurrences. In a way, it is a truthful and authentic representation of how we actually speak. In no way is it a substitution to face-to-face interactions, but it is a way to promote contact and conversation with people that will bring them closer together. 

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