What is Bunkr? Business Reports Made Easy! (Presentations as a Service)

Problem: Everyday, professionals create business reports with content and data coming from online platforms.They do screenshots and add them one by one into their presentation.

m any sources. #powerpointkiller

Solution: Bunkr is the standard presentation software that displays any data coming from online Platforms. Bunkr helps SaaS companies and their customers by providing Presentations as a Service.

• Easy

• Live

• And Interactive

Bunkr will become the standard to present any online data from any sources. #powerpointkiller

Making a presentation in Bunkr can be much more powerful, interactive and quick than making the same presentation in PowerPoint. The difference between PowerPoint and Bunkr is now very clear. If you need to create 10 slides with bullet points and tables, PowerPoint is still the right tool. But if you want to make a modern presentation with videos, articles from the web and tweet embeds, Bunkr is the way to go.

Another one

And another one

Bunkr is changing the way presentations are done today.

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How to export your presentation

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How to export your presentation

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