Earth is the third planet from the sun,the densest planet in the solar system,the largest of the solar systems four terrestrial planets,and the only astronomical object known to harbor life.

Information about Earth

Radius:3,959 miles (6,371km

Age:4.543 million

Population:7.125 million

Distance from the Sun:92.96 million

Mass:5.9736x 10 24 kg

Gravity:32.09 feet/s2(9.78m/s


Seven Continets of Earth:North America,South America,Antarctica,Europe,Africa,Asia,Oceania

Planets mass compared to the earth






Size of planet how is it compared 

The size of the Earth is 3,959 miles(6,371km)

How long does earth orbit around the Sun

The earth's average distance is 149.60 million kilometers (92.957 million miles)from the Sun and a complete orbit occurs every 365.256 days(1 sidereal year),during which time earth travels 940 million kilometers (584 million miles).Earths orbit has an eccentricity of 0.0167.

Earth atmospheric information

The Earths atmosphere of Earth is the layer of gases,commonly known as air,that surrounds the planet earth and is retained by earths gravity.The atmosphere protects life on earth by absorbing ultraviolet solar radiation,warming the surface through heat retention(greenhouse effect)and reducing temerature extremes between day and night (the diurnal temperature variation).

Earths temperature 

Average surface temperature:0.87 celcius (33.566 fariheit)

Average atmosphere temerature:15 celcius (59 fariheit)

Estimated temperature of earths inner core:5400 celcius (9752 fariheit).

Earths Moons

The Earth only has one moon which is just the moon the size of the moon is 1,079 miles(1,737km)

Earths telescopes

Why do i like this planet or why did i choose this planet

I chose the planet Earth because i thought it there would be interesting research about the earth and facts that i didnt know about earth

Interesting facts

Water on earth is 97% salted and 3% fresh

106 billion people have existed on planet earth the population is 9.2 billion on Earth by 2050

Earth is mostly iron,oxygen,and silicon

70% of the Earths surface covered in water

The earth is around 4.6 billion years old according to scientists 

1.3 million earths could fit inside the sun

Contains 21% of oxygen

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