China Weightlifting Sport.

The China Weightlifting sport was originated in the 1800's

in Ancient China.

China Weightlifting has a rule where if you don't complete the lift or you fail to lift the barbell or you run out of time the Athlete is out of the competition. 

China Weightlifting takes place at the Olympic games or training. There is only one player at a time during the competition.

Length of sport

The length of Weightlifting depends on how much time it takes the Athlete to lift up the barbell at least three or more times.

The score of Weightlifting occurs when an Athlete picks up a 225 kg barbell or more the Athlete gets a score of 1,500 points each time an Athlete lifts the barbell.

China weightlifting does not have a field dimension therefore China Weightlifting takes place indoors during training or at the Olympic Games.

The strategy of the Sport is to get the barbell off the floor and simply get it onto an Athlete's shoulders or lift it fully.

The penalties or fouls of the sport is Athletes cannot use steroids or any other products related to steroids therefore if an Athlete uses steroids they will automatically be disqualified and or could be arrested for using an illegal product in the Olympic games.

The types of equipment used for China weightlifting is a barbell,collar,disc,sleeve,weightlifting shoes,uniform for competitors,weightlifting belt,and bandages.

The types of leagues in China Weightlifting are the Olympic Games,cup games,international competitions,and professional games in the sport.

Sport changed 

China weightlifting has changed over the years since it was first originated it first started with spear parts like the piece of wood for a spear was used for a handlebar and rocks that were tied to a string were held with the handlebar (wood from spear).

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China Weight Lifting

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