One of Portugal most popular sport is Soccer.

The sport originated in 1921 December 18th in Portugal.

Rules of the sport

The field must be green in color.The field must be rectangular in shape.marked bye two short goal lines and two long touch lines.The field is divided into two halves separated by the halfway line.there are 11 players on each side.the goalkeeper included.All the players are required to ware a jersey,shorts,shin guards,socks and cleats. A soccer game is represented in two 45 minute halves.Every time a player scores that puts one point on the score board

The field dimensions of a soccer field is 70-80 yards long and 64-73 yards wide.Stay in front of the person with the ball at an angle about 10 yard or 9.1 meters.The opposing team is awarded a direct free kick. This will be a penalty kick if it occurs within the penalty box.Kicking an opponent


Jumping into an opponent (like when you are going for a header)

Charging into an opponent


Tackling from behind

Tackling an opponent and you make contact with the player prior to making contact with the ball.


Touching the ball with your hands if your not the goalkeeper.

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soccer in portugal

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