Digitalization of Facebook

Facebook is the most popular and commonly used social networking service worldwide.

It was created by Mark Zuckerburg back in 2004.

As of today it currently has over one billion active users.

Characteristics of Digitization

1. Death of Distance

2. Poly-directionality

3. Timeless Time

Death of Distance

Allows us to be able communicate with our friends no matter what their location is.


Poly-directionality is the ways in which we are able to communicate with each other:






Facebook allows for one-to-one communication by messages.

It allows for one-to-many by posts or group messages

It allows for many-to-one by friends commenting on a post.

Timeless Time

"The social practice that aims at negating sequence to install ourselves in perennial simultaneity and simultaneous ubiquity."

-Manuel Castells

Timeless Time

Facebook allows us to communicate with each other synchronically by chatting with our friends in real time through messages or video chat.  It also allows us to communicate on our own time asynchronically. For example we could comment on a friend's pictures or statuses that they might've posted years ago or reply to a message whenever we have the free time to do so.


In conclusion I think it's important that we learn to understand all of the effects of digitalization and to be more cautious about the the things we post online through social media. Any type of information or things we post online about ourselves can be seen by almost anyone, even after it's deleted. People can take this information and find a way to use it against us.

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