Soybean and Corn are the top producing crops in Minnesota. Minnesota is also a major producer of spring wheat, canola, and dry beans. The temperatures to grow are usually 0 degrees fahrenheit - 74 degrees fahrenheit. Extreme growing temperatures are -20 degrees fahrenheit. At least 1.32 million acres of land is dedicated to farming.  

Founding of the State

Minnesota was founded on May 11, 1858. Minnesota was the 32nd state.


In the 1600s, the first French fur traders came to Minnesota. But the Dakota tribe had lived in Minnesota for many years. Then, Anishinabe tribe came to Minnesota from the east. Their lifestyle was similar to the Dakota Tribe. By 1800s, the Anishinabe tribe had taken over the lakes and the woods of the north. The U.S. government said they needed land in this area and both the Dakota and the Anishinabe tribes had been forced to sign treaties to let go most of Minnesota. In 1858, that's when Minnesota was formed.


Minnesota needs a lot environmental protection. Their northern forests have been greatly depleted by forest fires. Minnesotans dump at least 4,400 tons of waste a year into 53 municipal landfills. Minnesota had 81 hazardous waste sites. The environmental protection agency spent over 1.9 million through the Superfund Program for the cleanup of the hazardous waste sites.

What are they well known for

Minnesota is well known for the Mall of America. The Mall of America is in Bloomington. The Mall of America is 78 football fields, which is 9.5 million square feet. Minnesota is also well known for the world's largest pelican. They have a statue of this pelican which stands at the base of the Mill Pond Dam on the Pelican River.


Can you believe that Minnesota made scotch tape! This wonderful invention is made in Hutchinson, Minnesota.  They make many more things, like chocolate rocks. They make chocolate rocks in Burnsville, Minnesota.


Northern Minnesota is full of wildlife. Wolves, moose, elk, black bears, bald eagles, and grey owls are just to name a few animals that live in Minnesota.


In Minnesota, there are many renowned theaters, music, and art centers. There are museums and historic sites that share the ojibwe cultures, from dakota, minnesota.


One attraction is the north shore drive. The north shore drive has many waterfalls and you can also see Lake Superior. The Aerial Lift Bridge is another tourist attraction. This bridge has a gondola that can carry 60 tons of traffic. Another attraction is the Mall of America. It is one of the largest malls. The malls includes theaters, a hotel accommodation, and other amusements.

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