Airbnb Real Estate Crowdfunding

Buy, grow, and optimize your Airbnb property 

We list Airbnb investments on our platform

People can invest in Airbnb property with as Little as $5,000

We manage Airbnb properties 

For Professionals : Airbnbinvest allow us to purpose to investor an airbnb properties to people who want to invest in real estate and have a good return 

For people : Airbnbinvest allow us to buy a part of airbnb property, take care of, find your apartment, renovate it, listing it, confirming guest, and everything else.

Value proposition : 

1/ Crowdfunfing : we have created mechanisms to let anyone invest, not just rich people. 

2/ Airbnb : The financial benefit of an Airbnb property is clear to investors. They can make more money from short term rentals for the same reason you typically spend more on lodging while you're traveling than you do on rent.

We believe, we must to build a new category of real estate investment : for an investor who has a rental property in a market where rental properties are at a premium,

Airbnb could unlock the door to a steady stream of returns

Barriers :

 Know the law and the city’s regulations and about legalizing Airbnb rentals.

Know the law about the real estate crowdfunding :

Market  :

 Real estate crowdfunding has recently emerged as an extremely lucrative investment opportunity for a large number of real estate investors. Massolution, a research and advisory firm estimates that the global market for investments in property through this route was $2.5 billion in 2015 and is conservatively expected to touch $3.5 billion in 2016.

Main Actors :

PeerStreet :

Realcrowd : ( commercial real estate )

RealtyMogul :  ( commercial real estate )

RealtyShares :

Business model :

Equity crowdfunding Platform :

Airbnbinvest will conduct due diligence on each transaction proposed by its investment partners and share the results with its members. From there, the individual investor assumes all responsibility for their investment decision.


Business model :

How we make money ? :

We collect commissions on investment transactions and  management fee of airbnb properties


First steps :

- Build a beta Airbnbinvest Website

- Publish a teasing of our first airbnb property investment

- Reach relevant numbers of future investors 


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