Robert Frost & Vincent Van Gogh

*He was silent and always very thoughtful.

*He suffered from hallucinations and mental illness.

*Wrote over 800 letters in his life to friends and family but mostly to his brother Theo.

*He was self-thought and created over 2000 paintings.

* He cut his own ear off after an epileptic attack.

*Suffered a lot with his disorders that often affected his paintings.

*His mental illness drove him to kill himself.

*His last words were "Sadness will last forever"

*He didn't become famous until after his death

*Robert Frost was one of the most popular American poets of the 20th century.

*He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize four times.

*With his down-to-earth approach to his subjects, readers found it easy to follow the poet into deeper truths, without being burdened with pedantry.

*Frost had a very painful life -born to an alcoholic father and a depressed mother, Frost was plagued all his years by the effects of mental illness on himself and those he loved. 

*In a life more painful than most, Frost struggled heroically with his inner demons,out of that struggle he produced his greatest works.

"The Starry Night"

"Cafe Terrace at Night"

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