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Bunkr is presentation tool that displays online content  documents, videos, pictures, graphs, maps, 3D models, and webpages. Functioning as both a website and an app, Bunkr is extremely user friendly and a great tool for introducing younger students to the concepts of creative commons. Appropriate for all grade levels.


Google Maps and Images

Easily Add Videos

Include Social Media and 3D Models

Cross-Curricular Writing Tool



Collaboratively create a published paperback book with your class

  • Enhance students’ understanding of key literary elements
  • Students convey flexible-thinking skills and learn to adapt their writing, especially tone and voice, as the story progresses
  • When finished, your class can purchase the finished book that contains the names of all participating students


WordWriter delivers an interactive vocabulary experience that lets students write, read, and share newly learned words in original content.


Students can demonstrate their nonfiction writing skills in information or explanatory, argument/opinion, or narrative projects.

  • Journals/POD
  • End of Unit Review
  • Section by Section Summary
  • Students can collaborate on a "class textbook"
  • Essays

Digital Assessment


  • Triventy uses a concept that will be familiar to anyone who has tried Kahoot or Quizizz. 
  • To play a Triventy quiz game the teacher projects the game questions at the front of the room and students answer the questions on their mobile devices or laptops.
  • Points are awarded for answering correctly. 
  • Bonus points are awarded for answering quickly. 
  • Students join the quiz game by going to and entering the game pin assigned to your game or QR code

Student View

Teacher View


  • Encourages collaboration- students or teachers can be invited to add questions to the quiz.
  • Great for review or demonstrate understanding
  • Browse other quizzes made by contributors
  • Students can ask for a hint or to have an answer choice eliminated.
  • Students can also see an explanation of the answer to each question.
  • There doesn't appear to be a way to save quiz results. (screen shot)
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