Where it all started...

1000AD, The Galla tribe in Ethiopia noticed that they got an energy boost when they ate coffee berries which were ground up and mixed with animal fat 

What is coffee?

Coffee, in its modern form is the usually hot beverage made by extracting the contents of dried coffee beans. This is done by either stewing the ground beans in hot water or forcing hot water through it using various apparatus.

Ways Coffee can be served

Caffè Americano

Café Cubano

Caffè crema

Cafe Zorro


Espresso Romano




The leaves were originally boiled in water and the resulting concoction was thought to have medicinal properties.

These images depict a more modernised way of making the beverage, much in the same way it is made today. 

Coffee culture

Fair trade

Fair trade is a Non - governmental organisation (Not a charity) That partners with businesses and retailers in wealthy countries to provide source suppliers and their respective labourers fair wages. Fundamentally, this works by either the consumer paying marginally more for a product or the business lowering profit margins.   

Health benefits

1. Coffee can improve energy levels and make you smarter

2. Coffee Can Help You Burn Fat

3. The Caffeine Can Drastically Improve Physical Performance

4. There Are Essential Nutrients in Coffee

5. Coffee May Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes

6. Coffee May Protect You From Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

7. Caffeine May Lower The Risk of Parkinson’s

8. Coffee Appears to Have Protective Effects on The Liver

9. Coffee Drinkers Have a Lower Risk of Some Types of Cancer

10. Coffee is The most common Source of Antioxidants in The Western Diet

Just how significant is the benefit?

The downsides...

1. Increases production of stomach acid, causing:

  • Ulcers, IBS and Acidity
  • Heartburn Problems

2. Coffee as a Laxative

3. Acrylamide in Coffee

4. Increases Stress and Tension

5. Unprocessed Coffee can be expensive

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