Olympic wrestling in Iran

Wrestling originated in Greece. It was added to the Olympics by ancient Greeks in 708 B.C.

Rules/penalties/dimensions of play/tactics

Wrestling is some what complicated. In the beginning of your match you have to put your toe on the line the same color of your anklet in the middle of the mat. The boundary lines would be the big circle that runs along the edge of the mat. At the beginning of your match you shake hands with your opponent.

When the match begins your job is to either defend yourself from being taken down or take down the opponent. to get a take down you either have to get behind your opponent when you get them taken down to show you have control. When you get a take down to get two points, when you get an escape, you have to stand up and face your opponent after they have control over you. You have to stand up from the bottom position and face your opponent to get an escape witch would be worth one point. If you get your opponent on their back and get both shoulder blades to touch the mat the referee will slap the mat and the match will be over and you will automatically win. You also can automatically win the match by having 15 or more points than your opponent.

If you throw some one on the mat for a mat return and their body hits the mat before your knees touch the mat they will give you a caution and sometimes give the opponent a point. Also if your hand touch while your on the top position they will also give you a caution and maybe a point.

You can not kick punch bite or scratch in wrestling. You also can not submit your opponent.

In a wrestling match their are two wrestlers, you and your opponent.

in a wrestling match their are 4 periods to a match and 2 minutes to each period.A take down is worth two points, an escape is one point, and you also can get up to three back point ever time one shoulder blade is touching the mat.

There are five different types of wrestling leagues. There is youth wrestling teams, modified or Junior high wrestling teams, varsity or high schools wrestling teams, there is college wrestling teams, there is also Olympic wrestling.

wrestling equipment

Wrestling  equipment includes head gear, wrestling shoes, a singlet, and sometimes a mouth piece.

Changes in wrestling and its history

Wrestling has changed a lot since it originated. Wrestling originated from the greeks in Greece and wad known as "pale". Wrestling didn't really have any clarified rules when it originated. Wrestling was a very  popular form of competition. There were also many different styles of wrestling. when it originated.wrestling was first known as a part of the Olympics in 776 B.C. In the present there are very specific rules of wrestling and it is a lot more organized then it used to be. Also now the styles are known as folk style or American style and free style. Wrestling is in some places famous but in my opinion not nearly as famous as it use to be.


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