Ever tried to talk with your smartphone?

2/5 Teenagers would rather trust a chat-bot than a human*

Girls told us:

"I need someone who can listen to me without judging me".

*Source: ORC Study to read: here 

Tiya.ai : your first A.I. friend =)

A Facebook-messenger

AI-powered BOT Friend 

to discuss about personal & emotional feelings.

The (over-simplified) technology:


Tiya v.1.0

 A friendly A.I for teenagers

(big initial user-base)

Tiya v.1.2

An emotions-scanner that responds with relevant content

(b2b2c CRM application = $$$$)

v. 1 users:                                    v.1.2 users:


a Girl

13-17 years old

a daily Facebook user

already talking with FB friends

on Messenger

Hanna keeps a personal diary.

Total initial user-base: 5 M girls

Our secret

Listen before you speak.*

* You won't be able to get angry at Tiya, because Tiya is only here to listen to you. Tiya is not here to do tasks for you. By listening to users, Tiya will learn to interact with humans by using their emotional language, which no-one can do

Our business model

v.1 is free for all users and we need you to fund it.

In return we get qualitative data to train our algorithm, and you get to own a revolutionary technology.

v.1.2 is a profitable b2b

"emotion-reading" tool that allows bots to return relevant content adapted to the user's emotional mood

v.2 is a powerful tool trusted by the users, that can reach them at their heart.

With Tiya v.2 we can accompany users all the time, anytime and in a human way. 

Tiya becomes your interface with the tech-world.

Monetization opportunities

are huge.

User-acquisition strategy

Hanna was chosen because she's precisely targetable on Facebook and she talks a lot with her friends.

Plus she's already on Facebook, and.. oh, that's where our product is available. 

No app download.  No crap. 

Friendship 3.0 in literally one click.


Within 12 months, 4 hypothesis to validate:

1. Out tech. ability to read emotions

2. Our tech. ability to generate relevant answers

3. User's interest

4. Monetization ability

In the future:

The key is RETENTION:

How often users talk to Tiya over time.

What do they talk about?

Qualitative feedback from users will be conducted.

And of course, natural user growth, user acquisition cost, and evolution out of the initial cohort.

Our Almost Intelligent team

Nico Hoffmann, P.h.D

Data Scientist thesis on cerebral cortex classification


Maud Clavier

Former CEO @ ClapZap, the first 360 movie @Cannes


Philadelphe Knellwolf

Former CEO @ Grand Tapas

Former B2B Bots Business Developper @South-Pigalle.io


Hatim Khouzaimi P.h.D

Data Scientist, thesis on spoken dialogue systems.

Advisor & Tech mentor

The Game Plan

We're entering Robot Lab acceleration program.

Goal for 2016: deliver v.1.0 and test with an initial restrained cohort.

Goal for Q.1 2017: validate our 4 hypothesis.

Goal for spring 2017: hire 1 data scientist and 1 full stack dev. and improve v.1.0

Goal for 2017: approach b2b2c application with v.1.2 

The Business Plan (v.1.2)

Price of a basic corporate chatbot: starts at 15K €*

*Source: here

B2C brands are building chatbots: 23.000 on Messenger since 04/2016

(but don't know how to*)

*we've been talking to them 

Our development costs:

600 K € / year

With 1 bot sold / month at 

50K€ we're at break-even.

The end game.

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