Humans and the environment-making an impact



April 26,1986

80 miles North of Kiev, Ukraine, a terrible disaster left the Town of Chernobyl empty.   An estimate of one million people died from dangerous radiation, causing cancer. From 1986-2000, 350,400 were evacuated. The cause of this tragic incident was an explosion due to the reactor design, releasing hazardous radioactive substances into the air. Till this day the town is empty, and abandoned.

Colorado River no longer reaches the gulf of California

The river stopped flowing at the end of the 20th century. Dozens of species are endangered, there used to be a huge fishing and shrimp industry. People boating along the river must walk the rest of the dried river to reach the rest of the water. The Colorado river was heavenly tapped for agriculture, and industry and overused, the once a full river now comes to the final stop.

Mexico City

Air Pollution

Air pollution is a big concern for the city and the citizens in it. The city is the 9th most populated city in the world.Health risks, and conditions such as heart problems, leading up to heart disease, and heart attacks. Mexico city was built inside a crater, therefore the pollution stays that area. The city is limiting citizens from driving their cars. On Sundays, there are no vehicles on the road, instead bicycles. The Mexican Government reformed the City by, Moving or closing polluting factory's and, reformulating gas. Residents are prohibited to drive only one day per week. 

Hurricane Galveston

September 8, 1900

 Galveston was the United States deadliest hurricane.  With winds of 145 mph, killed 6,000-12,000. The hurricane was a category 4, it destroyed over 3,600 homes. An estimate of 30,000 homeless people. Hurricane Galveston remains the deadliest natural disaster in U.S history. 

 With winds up to 145mpj6

Flooding of hurricane Galveston

During the hurricane its self many died from wind blowing away their houses or lack of shelter. An effect of the hurricane is rain, the extensive amount of rain caused a massive flood. Many people died from drowning. When people were evacuating they schedualed a train, due to flooding people were stranded 

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