49,530km in diameter 

It has 13 moons

Atmosphere hydrogen, helium,and methane

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100 planet

Neptunes mass compared to earth.

102,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kg. Neptune has 17 times as much mass compared to the Earth

Time to orbit the sun 165 years

It takes 16 hours' 7 min 

gases include Hydrogen (80%), Helium (19%), and Methane (1.5%). Some of the minor gases include trace amounts of Hydrogen Deuteride and Ethane.

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I picked this planet because, i was reading a book before 

I started and it was about poseidon

And its his roman name so i picked it.

only one spacecraft visited neptune

Voyager 2

In the summer of 1989


Triton is the biggest moon of neptune


The upper atmosphere I a thick cloud

Neptune has rings

Neptune is one of the smaller gas giants


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