World of Tanks

General information

The game World of Tanks is the online multiplayer game, which is essentially a war between tanks. It was created only five years ago and during this time hundred of million people from Russia, China, USA, Australia and other countries registered in it. This is twice as much than the population of Italy, and ten times more than the population of Belarus. the game was developed by Belarus group of programmers headed by Viktor Kisliy.

The main creator of WoT- Viktor Kisliy

The reasons of success

Before World of Tanks, there were no similar online games, that's why the project became so popular. The group of Belarus programmers managed to create a new online game sector. Wargaming(current name of the company, acquired after the start of the project) has managed to attract a new audience to MMOG-games: except teenagers in the "World of Tanks", there are a lot of  30-40-year-old men who were indifferent to the fantasy worlds. Instead, mock cartoon players are offered the historically accurate story. In World of Tanks, the real armored cars are fighting at the battlefields. In Wot battles usually last from 5 to 15 minutes, which is much less than in fantasy online games. WoT has quite simple interface and tutorial for the novices.


The hangar interface

The battle interface

The reasons of success

The second reason for the success of WoT is the soft monetization model. World of Tanks is based on free2play model - it can be played absolutely free, in contrast to World of Warcraft, which is using a subscription model. A user of "Tanks" can buy a premium account, which allows him to develop the armored vehicles up to 50% faster, significantly increasing their combat abilities or can buy exclusive technique not available in the free version. Wargaming gets the main revenue for premium accounts that worth about $ 10 per month (plus premium technique).

The reasons of success

The original concept and relatively low prices led to the great popularity of WoT. Records of World of Warcraft have been beaten a long time ago. For the current moment, there are more than one hundred million of registered users in the game. Approximately 5 million committed a purchase in WoT. Today, World of Tanks is actually an interactive world where people can get acquainted, communicate, unite in clans and fight for the lands of Global Map (which is paid with gold). All over the world, WoT tournaments are held, which makes the game more and more popular among amateurs and professional cyber-sportsmen.

Every few months, the developers update the game, making it more progressive, diverse and interesting.

Natus Vincere team


The company doesn't disclose financial results, but authoritative analytical agency SuperData estimated revenue of $500 million in 2014. In 2013, it was estimated by the same agency and made up almost two times lower - $234 million. When Wargaming company earned half a million dollars it became  the third Internet company in the CIS countries- only "Yandex" and were ahead. The largest game company in the world-Blizzard Entertainment in 2014 got the revenue of $1.72 billion . Blizzard exists for more than twenty years, it produces the world famous franchise- Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, etc., and it earns just three and a half times more than Belarusian Wargaming.

7 facts about World of Tanks

1.In 2015, WoT tournaments were attended by over 40 thousand teams. This is six times more than the amount of football teams in all English leagues.

2.WoT fans released a book, "Gods of War" - 16 fiction novels. Edition - 3700 copies.

3.WoT players had 1.5 milliard fights on the most popular tank KV-1S.

4.There are about 1000 provinces at the WoT maps.

5.There are more than 670 birds flying over the battlefields of the game.

6.500 000 women plays World of Tanks- this is approximately 2% of all Russian players

7.Average price of an account is 100$. In 2013, at the unofficial WoT forums, there was an account, which price was 7000$.

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