Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing, and social networking service application that allows its users to take pictures and videos, and share them publicly or privately on their profile. Instagram also serves as a platform for fashion bloggers and companies alike to market their product or lifestyle. 

Death of Distance

With the use of multiple technologies that are used to relay information through Instagram from one end of the world to the other side, distance is no longer an issue. This is especially beneficial for overseas companies that use Instagram as their primary platform for marketing and want to target customers in different countries. 

Network Externalities

Network externalities - essentially being the elements that make a product or service valuable - are especially important for companies that are marketing their products and services through Instagram. Without an abundant supply of bloggers, re-posters, and Instagram users in general on the other end, companies and their efforts are valued less. 

Timeless Time

Timeless time negates sequence through synchronization and asynchronization. Instagram is undoubtedly a platform for companies to market their products and services, but it also serves as a space where Instagram users can be customers and hunt down what they are looking for. Through the use of tags and re-posting (asynchronization), users can find products and services and even people through the click of a button.

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