• Have clarity on who's doing what, by when
  • Spend more time on work, instead of work about work
  • See how your work fits in and contributes to overall goals and objectives
  • Find all the documents and discussions in one place

Understand ASANA

ORGANIZATIONS are the highest level of hierarchy for your business. In case of EMI, organization is European Music Incubator.

TEAMS are groups of people in our Organization who work together. Teams can be made up of departments in the same company (for example Engineering, marketing, design...) or any group of people who need to work on a set of projects together.

PROJECTS organize your team's work into list of tasks. Create projects for your team's latest initiative, goals you're working towards, brainstorms, meeting agendas, or any work that requires many steps or teammates.


Tasks break down your project into actionable steps. Tasks can be to-dos, requests for teammates, reminders, or ideas.

A task is a piece of work that we need to do. When it's done we simply mark it complete. With tasks, you can:

  • Add an assignee
  • Set a due date
  • Provide a description
  • Upload attachments
  • Loop in followers


Conversations are threads of communication between all team or project members.


When to use ASANA

Instead of an email, create a task when you:

  • have a question
  • have a request
  • need a piece of work done
  • have information to store for future reference

Instead of a meeting, create a conversation when you:

  • have an announcement to make
  • need to have a discussion with all project members or team members

Start your day with "MY TASKS"

My tasks show you all the tasks you've been assigned:

  • Mark new tasks for Today, Upcoming or Later
  • Take a look at the tasks in your Today section and manage expectations on what you will complete today and what you'll have to put off for later
  • Start marking tasks off!


  • Creating tasks: Provide context in the description, check the assignee's My Tasks, and set reasonable due dates.
  • Creating projects: Provide context & workflow instructions in description, use sections, set a project owner and due date.
  • Posting conversation: Be mindful of noise and over communication. @mention any relevant projects, tasks or people.


  • No blue, no red: Keep your My Tasks list up to date by triaging new tasks and adjusting due dates on overdue tasks.

  • Subtasks: Let the assignee know there is a parent task in the description and don't go deeper than two levels.

Now, you have to practice!

  1. Create your account
  2. Add your first tasks
  3. Create a project
  4. Join the team "EMI General Coordination"
  5. Work together : assign a task, add a follower, comment on a task, @mention, check your Inbox
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