Field Hockey in Scotland

Scottish Field Hockey often called Shinty of course originated in Scotland.

how it is played/how many players

Shinty is played with a stick and a ball. with the stick you can tackle ,hit the ball ,and block.

There are penalty's and if you want you can tackle shoulder to shoulder like in football.

Per game there are about 24 players + substitutes.

The game is won bye the team that scores the most goals during the time limit.(could not find time)

Your team gets a point when someone hits the ball into the other teams goal.

the field can be 140-170 by 70-80 yds.

A good tactic for Shinty is to go around the side and someone pass it to you.

A foul is a penalty and the area you get it in is called "The D".

And the equipment is half hockey half soccer, soccer cloths and a hockey stick with a very little ball.

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