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Job Description

A lawyer is someone who practices law, as a barrister, attorney, counselor, solicitor, or chartered legal executive. 

North Carolina State Univeristy

#2 school in North Carolina for this major

Elon Law School

#4 law school in North Carolina
Standard Course of Study

  1. Standard general education course hours (45)
  2. A minimum of 15 completed political science course hours
  3. A grade of "C" or better in each course
  4. 3 political science courses with a 300 level or higher (9hrs)
  5. One seminar course that is 400-500 level course labeled with an "S" after the class number (3 hrs)
  6. Take a subfield course: American Politics/ policy administration (3 hrs minimum) 


North Carolina State University 

(4 years)

  • 21,000 per year (84,000 total)
      1. 8,800 (tuition)
      2. 1,082 (books and supplies)
      3. 2,442 (boarding)


Elon Law School

(2 1/2 years)

  • 100,000( total)
      1. 5,500 (introductory session)
      2. 12,500 (per trimester)
      3. 1,500 (bar foundations/ final half year)

Scholarships at University

  • Park Scholarship
      • full tuition awarded 

  • Shelton National Leadership Scholarship
      • 11,000 per year
      • 2,000 extra for leadership opportunities

Scholarships in General

  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship
      • 40,000 awarded once for outstanding character
  • Young Patriots Essay Contest
      • 5,000 awarded once for being the grandchild or child of a Vietnam veteran

Projected Salary

Median Salary

Raleigh NC- 87,807

Asheville NC- 79,389

Winston Salem NC- 85,214

Where can you find a job?

In large cities, there is a high availability for lawyers. Finding a job in more rural areas would be tough, but with a few years of experience or the right connections it can be done. There will always be openings in the law field, because there will always be people committing crimes that need to be dealt with. 

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