Uranus mass

  1. Uranus has a mass of 8.68×1025 kg. Despite the fact that Uranus has a mass 14.5 times Earth’s mass, its gravity is lighter than Earth’s. If you weighed 68 kg on Earth, then you would only weigh 60.5 kg on Uranus

size of Uranus

  1. 15,759 miles (25,362 km)

orbit time of Uranus

  1. At a distance of about 1.8 billion miles (2.9 billion kilometers), Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. It revolves around the sun once every 84 years in a large elliptical (oval-shaped) orbit.


The rotational period of the interior of Uranus is 17 hours, 14 minutes. As on all the giant planets, its upper atmosphere experiences strong winds in the direction of rotation.

composition of Uranus

83 ± 3% hydrogen (H2)

15 ± 3% helium (He)

2.3% methane (CH4)

0.009% (0.007–0.015%) hydrogen deuteride (HD

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