My Growth as a Developing Writer 

Going into 7th grade I had no idea how to compose a well written essays of any form. 

(explain no idead how to start transition etc

Our class would read novels and after we were finished we were expected to write an essay about that novel.


Since we were constantly writing expository pieces, with time I got better and understood what essays should consist of. 

(I'm the type of person that learns by redudent actions and memorization so this class benefitted)

I started enjoying reading and writing due to my better understanding. I started to get very eager when writing because I has some understanding.

Little did I know my writing journey was about to encounter some hardships. 

(talk about being placed in advanced classes for thhe first time i was lot blahc blah

Being in an advacanced communication arts class was a bit difficult, I was getting a C but with time I imporved substantially. 

( i started learning different foundations of each essay  Iwrote. and styles expanded my vocabulary in such 

Going into Highschool I decided not to partake in any honors classes, so one can only imagine I did very well in English my freshman and sophomore year. 

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