The size of a speed skating rink is 400m or longer. The skater races against each other in pairs. If you get a penalty and the starter tells you to get of the ice you have to.

The year it began was 1984. Speed skating originated in Netherlands in 1984. The equipment is a armband colours , blades, glasses, clap skate, and a racing suit. The map shows where speed skating started.

In speed skating you can't go into the other lane when turning the corner. W

hen you do get around the corner you can switch lanes.

Speed skaters skate counterclockwise around the oval and change lanes once per lap. The length is depended on the size of a rink. Their are two sizes of rinks short and long.

The basic strategy is to go as fast as you can around the rink to pass the finish line.You also have make sure your partner passes the finish line too.


In lllinois alone there are eight clubs that still exists. The skates that speed skaters wear were invented 3,000 years ago. The first skating competition was in 1676. 

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