Education and Digitalization

by Jackson Haley

- Online classes/lectures are polydirectional

-  Online classes allow information to flow from one person (the teacher) to many (the students)

- Online classes cause "Death of Distance"

- Whether you're at UC Davis or in the heart of Africa, anyone can access online classes through the internet

- Distance is a huge factor when it comes to getting educated, and online classes overcome that barrier

- Online classes also have/cause "Timeless Time"

- Online classes are asynchronous (video is made at one time, and students view it at another time)

- Teachers can use synchronous forms of communication (video chatting) if a student has a question or wants further explanation

- Online classes leave digital footprints

- Once posted online, it can always stay online and could be accessed by anyone

- Digital footprints for online classes can be a very good thing. In the future, many new educational videos will be made and old educational videos can be made available for all people to see

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