Dear historians,

        The ancient Egyptians had very powerful rulers.  Their leaders were considered god-kings!  They had an entire kingdom under their control.  However, with great power came great responsibility.  Get ready to learn more about pharaohs!

Your tour guide,

Mrs. Harris 

Lesson Vocabulary

Words to Know:


Social pyramid

Words You'll Learn More About:



Learning Goals

Let's Talk Government:

Today you will learn...

1. how pharaohs ruled the people of ancient Egypt

2.  about the social pyramid that supported the pharaoh


Have you ever heard of King Tut?  He was once the pharaoh of ancient Egypt!  However, you might be surprised about why he is so famous.  Follow the link to find out more!

As we view the following video be sure to watch and listen carefully to learn about the responsibilities of the pharaoh in ancient Egypt.  Keep in mind how the social pyramid helped to support him.

Let's Recap

1.  List some responsibilities of the pharaoh.

2.  Name roles (jobs) within the social pyramid of ancient Egypt.  What did these people do?

Your Task

1.  Use the link below to review information about the president of the United States

2.  Glue the Venn diagram into your social studies notebook

3. Compare the United States' president to the pharaoh of ancient Egypt.  How are these roles alike and how are they different?

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Ancient Egypt: Government

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