Instagram: A free photo and video sharing app

So how does Instagram fit the characteristics of digitalization?

Digital Footprint

- Records every digital steps you take

- The photos and videos you upload are your digital footprint

- Shows your identity, so be careful of what pictures you upload

Effects of Digital footprint

- No privacy! Everything can be seen by someone who tries to find you

- It will always be there! Although you have deleted that drunk picture of you, it is still on the internet

Timeless Time

Synchronous Process

- Real time

- Instagram now allows you to chat with your friends 

Asynchronous Process

- People can still like that picture that you uploaded 2 years ago

Space of flows

- Death of Distance: No matter which part of the world you are in, you can still connect through Instagram

- Poly-Directionlity: You can connect to only one friends when doing Instagram chat, and to the rest of the world when uploading videos and photos

- Network Structure: Physically you can be close with you roommate, but you can be closer to someone who is in another country through digital means

Network Externalities

- Instagram creates a positive externalities

- The more your friends or people uses Instagram, the more likes you can get

- Digitalization is basically inevitable. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, it will be there.

Ex: Although you don't have an Instagram, your friend does and they can upload pictures of you

- Digitalization is not a bad thing if you use it correctly.

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