Pardis Tashakori

What is Instagram?

  •  A relatively new social media that allows users to share photos that their followers can "like"
  • A newer feature is Direct Messaging - like instant/text messaging over Instagram
  • Many celebrities and political figures have Instagram accounts (most run by themselves) for their fans to follow
  • Examples include:
    • Barack Obama 
    • Justin Bieber
    • Selena Gomez

* Verified accounts have blue check marks next to the name 

What are the characteristics of this digitization?

Timeless Time

  • Timeless time allows us to process information synchronously and asynchronously 
  • With Instagram's Direct Messaging feature, individuals have the option of communicating synchronously/in real-time (note: direct messaging has also allowed for the Death of Distance as we can communicate with someone across the globe in real time)!
  • And with Instagram's increasing popularity, individuals have the option of looking through celebrity Instagram accounts (note: celebrity Instagram accounts also allow for Poly-Directionality - one to many!) whenever they please; they can look at pictures from over a year ago at 3 A.M. if they so choose to!


  • Instagram allows for poly-directional communication:
  1. From one to one: Liking a friend's photo OR direct messaging like the message thread to your right
  2. From one to many: Posting a photo for your friends to (hopefully) like OR starting a direct message (group) thread with two or more friends
  3. From many to one: A band's response to a fan's direct message
  4. From many to many: A band's posting of a photo for fans to (again, hopefully) like

Exposure Selection

  • Instagram has an option to make your profile private, meaning that only your followers can see your posts
  • In addition, you have to approve future requests by anyone that wishes to follow you
  • The default privacy setting of Instagram is not private - so if you wish to make your profile private, go to: Options --> Private Account and turn the switch on (similar to the photo to the right)


  • Instagram makes use of an "explore" page that contains a stream of photos similar to the ones a user has previously liked
  • This helps users find new pages to follow that contain photos they are likely to be interested in
  • It is also a great place for companies/products you like to advertise (again making using of one to many poly-directionality!)
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