Constantine The First (AKA. Constantine The Great)

 By Matthew Jerkovic, David Gabriel, Arion Valiotis and Gabriel Willis


Constantine was born in Nis (Naissus), Serbia on February 27 in circa 285 AD. He was the descendant of Helena, an inn keeper's daughter, and Constantius Chlorus. It is ambiguous if the two were married and so Constantine may well have been an illegitimate child. His father was the officer of the Roman Army and it is hypothesized that he spent most of his time with his father.

Continuation Of Biographic Information

Constantine was depicted and characterized as tolerant and politically skilled, he quickly moved up the governmental hierarchy. Soon he was proclaimed the Emperor of Rome.

Portrayals Of Constantine The Great

Who Was Constantine The Great

Constantine The First was the Roman Emperor from 306 to 337 AD. The founder of Christianity, he was also a saint to the Catholic Church. The 11th emperor of Rome, Constantine is renowned for being one of the most fruitful and prosperous emperors Rome has ever acquired. 

His Achievements and Didactic Facts

  • Founded Christianity
  • Won the battle of the Milvian bridge over Maximian 
  • He made peace to Rome antithetical to Nero
  • He pursued social, military and financial reforms to strengthen his empire. 
  • He received his formal education at the court of Roman Emperor Diocletian
  • Constantine the Great was the second longest serving Roman Emperor
  • He founded the city of Constantinople in 324 AD

Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus

Constantine The Greats Ruination 

Constantine’s downfall was due to the Graeco paganism. As the pagans were not pleased with the spread of christianity.

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Constantine The First

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