2 main objectives

- Reconnect and mobilise

- Develop an attractive and coherent offer


Looking back: >1300 connections with internationals

in 2016

Looking forward:

- Indicators on Aurion

- Impact on social networks

One size fits all - chapters, clubs, groups

Looking back: rebuilding relationships

Looking forward:

- Together 100% in English

- Handbooks, guidelines & processes

- London Jan/Feb 2017


Looking back: faculty visits, portraits & content

Looking forward:

- Systematic processes for faculty engagement

- International communication plan

- Paroles de dirigeants

- AMBA student of the year award shortlist

Events to promote pride & belonging

Looking back: rentrée, ICF, webinars, coaching

Looking forward:

- Rentrée/graduation: alumni today / Audencia forever

- ICF: perpetuate the event

- Webinars: AC & others

- Coaching: NY & DC

The networking starts with us

Looking back: AMBA Porto June 2016

Looking forward:

- MBA CSEA Lisbon March 2017

- CASE Birmingham August 2017

Did I say international?

- International: alumni awards shortlist

- International: portraits & paroles de dirigrants

- International: clubs & assos (AIESEC, Net Impact)

- International: networks (AMBA, AACSB)

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International alumni relations

by audenciaalumni


Public - 11/23/16, 3:28 PM